1. Are You insured?
Yes, our company is fully insured.

2. Do You provide free Estimates?
Yes, we do.

3. How do I get an Estimate?
By phone or e-mail. We will stop by to provide You with exact price.
No one needs to be home. Representative will walk around the outside of the house and will then leave your estimate in your mailbox.

4. How do I count my windows?
Look at the chart price.to You wil find the types of windows and how to count.

5. What do You use to wash the windows?
We use a combination of JOY soap and water, which is environmentally safe.

6. How do You clean gutters?
Every gutter cleaning job is done by hand. (debris and gutter removal)

7. How should I prepare for Your arrival?
We have our own supplies and equipment. We just ask, that anything that may be in front of the window or on the window sill should be removed.

8. Do I need to be home?
First time clients we ask to be home. We would like you to be available for any questions as well as to see how we perform our job.
For outside window or gutter cleaning: we will do the work without Your presence, we will leave a bill in the mail box and the payment is expected within 7 days.

9. When do You clean Windows and Gutters?
We do it all year round as long as the temperature is not lower then 32 F

10. What if it rains on my scheduled appointment?
We closely watch the weather and contact our customer in advance, if needed to reschedule.

11. How often should I get my windows or gutters cleaned?
Most of our customers have their windows cleaned every 3-6 months, others prefer yearly. We recommend cleaning at least once or twice a year to ensure window maintenance. For gutters - spring and fall.